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Everyone experiences a mental health crisis in a different way. Some ways you may know you’re in the middle of a mental health crisis is if you feel like:

  • You don’t want to do the things you used to enjoy

  • You withdraw from people you used to spend time with

  • You have either little energy or a lot of energy

  • Your eating and sleeping patterns have changed

  • You feel worthless, have extreme guilt, and cry a lot for no reason

  • You have severe anxiety, panic, fear, mood swings, trouble concentrating,  become easily irritated or angered, and/or have racing thoughts or agitation

  • You have rapid weight loss or gain

  • You are abusing drugs or alcohol 

  • You hear or see things that other people do not; and/or you believe people are after you or plotting against you

  • You want to hurt yourself or someone else

  • You react in ways that don’t seem to match the emotions  expressed by others in the situation

  • You feel overwhelmed and aren’t sure how to deal with situations in your life



  • Mental health crisis assessment

  • Crisis counseling

  • Short-term counseling

  • Psychopharmacological services**

  • Referrals for longer-term care when necessary

  • Group Therapy

  • Telehealth sessions​​

Pharmacological Service

Sigma provides short-term care.  Therefore, we are unable to provide certain services.  We do not prescribe any DEA-controlled substances (Xanax, Adderall, Vyvanse, Lorazepam, etc.) nor do we prescribe refills.  We ask that all our patients make follow-up appointments to maintain their medications.



Initial Assessment: $350**


​When you come to the clinic, you will be provided with an assessment by a licensed clinical social worker or licensed professional counselor. You will receive access to services provided by a psychiatrist, physician's assistant or psychiatric nurse practitioner. These services will assist in gaining an immediate understanding of your needs, provide you with a safety plan, coping skills, and medication services*** if indicated. We will also assist you in developing longer term mental health plans if needed.


Follow-Up Consultations/ Short-term Counseling Services: $175**

We understand that it could take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to get an appointment with a therapist, and around 6 months to get a new appointment with a psychiatrist. In order to better meet your needs, we offer interim services including short-term counseling and medication management*** while you search for a long-term provider. 



Please see our "Blog" page for group therapy announcements listing topics, times, and other pertinent information.


*  Payment due at time of service. Insurance paperwork provided for individual reimbursement. 

** Sigma is a private pay clinic - Medicaid, Medicare, and Private Insurance not accepted

*** We are unable to prescribe DEA-controlled substances.

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